Appearance Changes: Ubuntu 10.04 vs Ubuntu 9.10
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If you've been following the Ubuntu 10.04 testing releases you're probably aware of some significant changes to the appearance of Ubuntu. Among the top changes in question are the new black theme, black/purple gradient background and Mac-style title bar buttons that appear on the left side of the windows. These are just a few of the changes/improvements of this release but some of the most controversial. Today's release of the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release candidate sets these changes in stone for the release at the end of the month. Is this a good change? Here's a few screenshots to help you decide.


Below you can see the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS default desktop compared to the last release, Ubuntu 9.10.

Ubuntu 10.04 vs Ubuntu 9.10 Default Desktops


The darker Ubuntu 10.04 theme is never more obvious than when the menu is open. On the right we see the much lighter Ubuntu 9.10.

Ubuntu  10.04 vs Ubuntu 9.10 Gnome Main Menus


Here you can see the title bar button locations have been changed and moved to the left side. This change has caused the most confusion for me as navigating the desktop is something I try to do very quickly. A change like this throws off my timing for at least a few days if I choose to roll with it. I like the look of the title bars just not the button location.

Ubuntu 10.04 vs Ubuntu 9.10 Title Bar Comparison


The Ubuntu installer slideshow was completely re-designed again after debuting in Ubuntu 9.10. The Ubuntu 10.04 installer reflects the darker theme for this release.

Ubuntu 10.04 vs Ubuntu 9.10 Installer


Are you can Ubuntu user with an opinion? Let us know how you feel about the changes in this latest release, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.