PCLinuxOS Sound
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 By default the PCLinuxOs desktop offers many different sound that you'll notice the second you log in. Although the original setting are actually tolerable you may want to change these settings and can easily do so by clicking on System --- Preferences --- Sound

accessing sound preferences

In the Sound Preferences Window the device tab allows us to test devices used for specific functions like playing sound events, music and movies, doing audio conferencing, and device for default mixer tracks.

sound preferences devices tab

By clicking on the Sound tab we can change all of the little sounds we hear while navigating PCLinuxOS Gnome 2.21.2. Change the file for each event by clicking on the drop down boxes or select the Play buttons to hear the sounds.

sound preferences in pclinuxos sounds tab

The System Beep tab allows us to enable the system beep and choose to show a visual system beep  by flashing the window titlebar or the entire screen.

sound preferences pclinuxos system beep