Login to PCLinuxOS
Desktop Training - PCLinuxOS

 Logging into PclinuxOS is pretty simple. You can either type the user name into the field below or click on the user name above, then enter the password.

login screen to pclinuxos gnome 2.21.2

Using the buttons across the bottom we can change sessions, restart, or shutdown. 

After entering our user name and password we will see the PCLinuxOS introduction window while PCLinuxOS loads.

 pclinuxos gnome 2.21.2 welcome screen

On the PCLinuxOS desktop we can easily log out by clicking on System --- Log Out (user-name) 

 logout on pclinuxos gnome 2.21.2 menu

 Next we see a confirmation window that allows us to switch users, cancel our request, or log out.

logout confirmation in pclinuxos gnome 2.21.2