OpenSuse YaST Control Center
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To make any changes to your OpenSuse system your best bet is to access to YaST Control Center. To access it click on Computer Control Center shown in the image below.

 Accessing YaST from the OpenSuse 10.3 Gnome menu

Once the YaST Control Center window loads we can see it has a few different tools to help us find what we want to configure. In the top left corner a filter filed allows us to filter results shown in the right hand display window by word or even letter. For example typing a "B" in the filter field would bring you Bluetooth setup, typing "Gr" would bring you Graphic Card setup etc. Below the filter field we see Groups listed that allows us to quickly limited the results being displayed. If one of the groups is selected that part of the right side display is highlighted and brought into view. These groups include Hardware, Miscellaneous, Network Devices, Network Services, Novell AppArmor, Security and Users, Software, and System, these categories make up the way your OpenSuse system is configured. Each category contains more specific areas, devices, and configurable items. Click on the item you would like to configure in the right display window. You may also use the scroll bar on the right side to move up and down through the items list. After clicking on an item you may fine tune the configuration options for the selected item but first you will need to enter the root password.

opensuse 10.3 yast control center

OpenSuse brought many updates to the YaSt program including improvements that make YaST run faster, and more smoothly. Now YaST uses a database and pre-parsed meta-data, so meta-data doesn't need to be parsed when doing task like using the updater getting packages etc. This cache is updated from repository every refresh. Also you may add repositories by copying one file to a directory. The download structure of the server has been adjusted so that faster mirrors are suppose to be continually available.