Linux Training for Desktop and Server

We Are Now An Authorized Nagios Training Partner

Official Nagios TrainingWe are excited to announce that (CyberMontana Inc) has been named as an Authorized Nagios Training Partner. We've been working with Nagios to create a self-paced Nagios course that will be available by the end of the year. We also provide the the official Nagios Live Classes.

Each class includes: 12.5 hours of virtual classroom time with a live instructor, an official Nagios training manual, and server access to set up Nagios.

Our Next Live Nagios Class is scheduled to start soon. - Reserve A Spot


If this is the first you've heard of it, Linux is a family of operating systems that make use of the Linux kernel. You can download and install Linux for free on many different types of hardware including PCs, mobile phones, tablets, servers and more. The staff members of are dedicated to helping you start and continue to use Linux no matter what your skill level.

Linux Desktop

The Linux desktop refers to Linux distributions that are targeted at personal computer users and feature applications for performing everyday desktop tasks. Because of the open-source nature of Linux, new innovative desktop Linux distributions are popping up all the time. Some of the most popular Linux distributions for beginners include Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux-Mint, and OpenSUSE. We've re-designed the way that we display desktop tutorials bringing you more beginner-friendly resources than ever.

Linux Software

Linux distributions allow additional software to be added directly from software repositories through your Internet connection. Several distributions, such a Debian GNU/Linux, include as many as 20,000 software packages you can easily install on your computer. This software includes everything from multimedia applications to office software and games. Any software you'd expect to find on your Windows or Macintosh computer has its own Linux version or a similar replacement. We plan to expand our listings of Linux software applications in the near future.

Linux Server

The Linux server has been the first choice for servers on the Internet for some time now due to its superior stability and security. Over 50% of servers on the Internet now run Linux. We've put a significant amount of time and effort into developing training resources for administrators using the CentOS and Ubuntu servers. We also focus on Nagios monitoring, the Postfix mail server, Apache security and several other popular options.

Our Linux Training

The shopping cart of features some of the most popular Linux training packages on the Internet. We've increased our efforts in the server training department to provide Live, instructor-led classes and online courses that bring administrators solutions for real-life obstacles. Get more information about our Linux training and full package descriptions in the shopping cart.

Free Linux Tutorials

The desktop tutorials displayed at are extremely basic and focus on users that are just taking their first steps. You'll find Ubuntu and Linux Mint categories are starting to become populated with tutorials and we plan to bring Fedora, OpenSUSE and a few others to life in the coming weeks.

The server tutorials displayed here range in topic and difficulty but all take on a specific task or purpose. In the coming months we will be bringing a large amount of server tutorials and how-tos aimed at Ubuntu, CentOS, Nagios, Postfix, Apache, and more. Don't forget to subscribe!