Linux Commands - Network Commands


telnet is a client program to connect to a telnet server. Once it is opened you will be asked for a username and password. Example: telnet telnet This will allow you to telnet to an IP address. Notice the example is a private IP address.

Commands Glossary:

user: identifies the username

pass: issues the password

stat: gets the mailbox statistics

list: lists the mails in the mailbox

retr x: retrieves mail #x from the list above

dele x: marks mail #x from the list

top x y: retrieves the first y lines of mail #x (for example top 2 400 will get the first 400 lines of mail #2)

rset: reset the mailbox state and undelete any mails that were marked for deletion in the current session

noop: this does nothing, just a command usually used to keep the connection alive while you sip your coffee

quit: quit the serve

Using telnet to Access a Routers

Here is an actual example:



Connected to

Escape character is '^]'.

Password: ****

At this point the Main Menu is visible and all aspects of the router may be configured. Here is an example of the Main Menu.

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Prestige 643 Main Menu

Getting Started Advanced Management

1. General Setup 21. Filter Set Configuration

3. Ethernet Setup 22. SNMP Configuration

4. Internet Access Setup 23. System Password

24. System Maintenance

25. IP Routing Policy Setup

Advanced Applications 26. Schedule Setup

11. Remote Node Setup

12. Static Routing Setup

15. SUA Server Setup 99. Exit