OpenOffice Writer is the word processing application in the OpenOffice.org software suite. OpenOffice Writer has similar features as Microsoft Word but is available for free and for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX platforms.
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61 Object Positioning will Follow Text Flow
62 Automatic Page and Column Breaks
63 Floating Toolbars, Accelerator Key, Resize Text frames
64 Paragraph Spacing on Table Borders
65 New Mail Merge Wizard
66 Table Number Recognition
67 Vertical Alignment of Line of Text
68 Shortcut for Edit – Paste Special
69 Hidden Text
70 Bibliography Allows Customizing of Menu
71 Click Mania
72 Vertical Text Direction in Table Cells
73 Create Bullets and Numbering in Table Cells
74 Nested Tables
75 Word Count on Selections
76 Saving to a Microsoft Word Format
77 Open a Microsoft Word Document
78 Know Your Extensions
79 Open a Document
80 Understand Toolbars, Menu Bars, Title Bars
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