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Using the Formula Bar for Data

It is possible to enter your data in the Formula Bar. You must make sure the green check mark is visible so it is active. Click a cell and then go to the Formula Bar to enter your information.


Adjusting Column Width

Often you will be entering text that is too long for the cell. You can either expand the cell or it is possible to wrap your text. Here is an example of text that is too long and several solutions. Now when data is entered into the next cell you will not see the text that runs over, but you will see a small arrow which indicates that there is additional text.

Openoffice course enter data 1



The solution is either increase the cell width by moving the divider between the cells, which can be done by clicking on the divider between cells at the top, in this case columns A, B and C. The only way to increase cell width by dragging is at the top between the column letters. Another solution for column width problems is to right click on the column letter, and choose Optimal Column Width; this will automatically increase column width to the widest text. When you select Optimal Width, the program will ask if you would like to add additional value to make space between the column line and the text.

Openoffice course enter data 2



You could also right click on the column letter and manually change the width by choosing Column Width.


There is another solution for text that does not fit in a cell and that is to wrap the text. This can be done by right clicking on the cell with the long text, choosing format Cells and then the Alignment Tab and in the lower left corner of the window clicking Wrap text automatically.

Openoffice course enter data 3



This will increase the row height to accommodate the text.


When you enter numbers that are too wide for the cell you end up with # marks.

Openoffice course enter data 4


If you increase the cell width the text will appear.


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