The Smudge Tool
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The Smudge Tool


The Smudge Tool, found in the Gimp Tool box, allows a user to take the colors of the image, and smudge them by clicking and dragging. This tool produces the effect of smudging wet paint with your finger.

In the Smudge Options Box choose from a few thickness and pressure options.

First of all set the Opacity of the smudge, in the example set to 100.

Next, set the brush size of the smudge. This setting would act as the thickness of a finger.

Pressure Sensitivity is the next option that is set. In the example the Hardness option was selected.

Lastly, set fading techniques and Rate of the smudge.

Here in the example, the green bush in the photograph is used as the smudge feature.

Notice the effect that it gives the bush. This option made the bush look more erratic.

To perform this option, click where the smudging should take place and drag the mouse to the desired length of the smudge. Notice in the example the smudge is not very far.