Using Filters
Desktop Apps Training - GIMP

Project: Using Filters

In the image, categories of Filters available are listed. To reach these filters go to the GIMP Menu Bar- Then go to Filters. There are many different effects that can be done using the Filters provided by GIMP.

Play with all of these Filters. The more you get accustomed to the way the Filters work the more cool effects you will be able to do.

In this project I want to show you the GIMPressionist. To get to this go to the GIMP Menu Bar-Filters-Artistic-GIMPressionist.

Note: Make sure and open an image to edit first.



Below is the GIMPressionist configuration box. Here a user can do many things with an image and preview the results before taking the time to actually apply the effects.

Notice in the Factory defaults I have selected the ApplyCanvas. Notice in the preview box to the left how the image has changed to a canvas like image. Select different factory defaults, press the Apply button and then press the update button underneath the preview box. A user can combine different settings and use them individually. If you combines several and like the result, use the save current button and save your Gimpression so that it will only be one step next time. If you decide you want to go back to the original image, select the reset button.